About Us - Typical Black Tees
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About Us

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, it’s likely because you’re a lover of Black culture and Black people, and believe in a future that is anti-racist. Thats how Typical Black Tees was born in October 2018. 

As lovers of conversations tees, we were constantly searching for kid’s and family friendly items that expressed our views to fill our closets. When we couldn’t find that, we decided to create our own. We are focused on uplifting Black people and families and use conversations that start in our home to inspire our designs. Learning about and fighting for anti-racism is non negotiable for our kids and we wanted to express that at first sight. 

Since 2018, our items have sparked conversations about justice and equality, opened the door for change in unlikely areas and affirmed Black kids worldwide. We are proud to have grown a brand that is synonymous with Black pride and liberation and helped SO many families start and continue conversations about making the future equal.


Whether you found us via education on social media, in a Nordstrom store or through a friend, welcome. We hope that our brand helps you and your family to boldly express the need for Black liberation and an equal future.


-Daniel, Nicole, Dawson, Dash & Nori McCrimmon

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